Planning a Trip to Aulani: Insights from Costco Travel

Planning a vacation to Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa in Hawaii, often involves a significant financial investment. When comparing prices and packages, many travelers turn to Costco Travel to potentially save money.

Here, we’ll explore the experiences users share on forums and reviews, discussing the pros and cons of booking Aulani trips through Costco Travel.

Comparing Costs: Direct Booking vs. Costco Travel

One user researched the cost of a 5-day, 4-night stay in a Deluxe Studio ocean-view room, including a car rental and flight. Booking directly through Disney Aulani was quoted at $3,770, while the same package through Costco, including a shuttle service via SpeediShuttle, was $3,909. Although the Costco package included a $127 Costco gift card, the overall cost was slightly higher. This raises the question: Is Costco Travel cheaper, or are additional benefits not immediately apparent?

Hidden Benefits and Additional Savings

Forum members provided mixed responses. One traveler highlighted their positive experience booking through Costco. They saved approximately $3,000 and received a $500 Costco gift card, with the entire package including flights from the East Coast and a car rental. This substantial saving showcases Costco’s potential for significant discounts, especially for more extensive travel packages.

Value vs. Cost

Several users pointed out that while Costco might not always offer the lowest prices, it provides excellent value. The packages often include additional perks, such as gift cards, which enhance the overall value. Another traveler noted that renting Disney Vacation Club (DVC) points through companies like DVC Rental Store can be a cheaper alternative, though it comes with its risks, such as no refunds.

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Personal Preferences and Circumstances

Whether to book through Costco or Aulani depends on individual preferences and circumstances. The savings might not be as significant for solo travelers compared to families or larger groups. However, the convenience and added value provided by Costco, such as the inclusion of shuttle services and gift cards, can make it a worthwhile option for many.

Traveler Reviews: Experiences at Aulani

Reviews of Aulani reveal a range of experiences, emphasizing both the resort’s strengths and areas for improvement:

  • Positive Experiences: Many visitors praised Aulani for its excellent facilities, friendly staff, and beautiful location. The resort’s pools, lazy river, and beach were highlighted as major attractions. One traveler shared that they loved the balance between Disney magic and Hawaiian culture, while another appreciated the convenience of using their room key for purchases throughout the resort.
  • Areas for Improvement: Some guests pointed out the high costs of food and activities, with one review mentioning the expensive on-site dining options. Another guest found the resort crowded during peak times, finding pool chairs and dinner reservations difficult. Additionally, some visitors felt that certain activities did not live up to the Disney standards they expected.
  • Mixed Reviews: While some praised the resort’s cleanliness and amenities, others noted issues such as rude event staff and frequent pool maintenance. Despite these drawbacks, many guests wanted to return, highlighting their positive experiences.

Final Thoughts: Is Costco Travel Worth It?

Ultimately, whether Costco Travel is the best option depends on the traveler’s specific needs and preferences.

While some users report substantial savings and added perks, others find the prices comparable to booking directly through Disney Aulani.

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It is crucial to thoroughly research and compare all available options to determine your trip’s best value.

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