Can You Get Costco Gas with Gold Star Membership: Unlocking Fuel Savings

If you’re a holder of a Gold Star Membership at Costco, you have the privilege to shop at Costco warehouses, purchase online at, and yes, buy gas at Costco gas stations. Your Gold Star Membership unlocks access to Costco’s competitively priced fuel, which is often well below local average prices—a potential saving that can add up significantly over time, especially if you’re a frequent driver.

The accessibility of Costco gas stations to Gold Star members is a tangible perk, considering that these stations offer high-quality gasoline that meets top tier standards. The process of fueling up is straightforward: drive up to the pump, swipe your membership card to authorize the purchase, and proceed with fueling your vehicle. Remember, Costco gas stations are exclusive to members, ensuring that your membership card is all you need to tap into these savings.

Your membership not only offers the potential for lower prices at the pump but also aligns you with a wholesale retailer known for an excellent customer service and satisfaction guarantee. Whether it’s the daily commute or a long road trip on the horizon, your Gold Star Membership is your key to unlocking more than just bulk savings in the store—it’s a gateway to value every time you fill up.

Understanding Costco Memberships

Costco offers a variety of membership options designed to fit your needs, with the Gold Star Membership serving as the entry-level choice for individuals or households. Each membership tier comes with its own set of benefits, costs, and conditions that can affect your shopping experience and potential savings.

Gold Star Membership Benefits

With a Gold Star Membership, you gain access to all Costco locations worldwide and the ability to make purchases at You receive a free Household Card, which you can give to a spouse or another family member over the age of 16 living at the same address. Notably, this membership allows you to purchase gasoline at Costco gas stations—a significant cost-saving perk if you frequently fill up your tank.

Comparison with Executive Membership

Upgrading to an Executive Membership provides additional rewards, such as a 2% annual reward on qualifying Costco purchases, among other benefits. Compare this with the Gold Star Membership, which does not offer this rewards program, and you’ll find that the higher-tier Executive Membership potentially offers more for frequent Costco shoppers who can take advantage of the added perks and member services. However, the fundamental privileges and conditions of warehouse access and product availability are consistent across both tiers.

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Membership Costs and Conditions

The annual fee for a Gold Star Membership is relatively low when compared to other wholesale clubs. The cost is subject to change, and renewal is required annually to maintain member services and privileges. The membership is backed by Costco’s 100% satisfaction guarantee, assuring that if you’re not satisfied, you are entitled to a full refund. Remember that having an additional card does not increase the membership cost, allowing another person in your household to enjoy the benefits without extra charges. Both the primary member and the additional cardholder must meet the conditions set forth by Costco, ensuring a smooth membership experience.

Accessing Costco Gas Stations

When you have a Costco Gold Star membership, you gain access not only to Costco’s wide range of products but also to their exclusive gas stations, which are known for offering competitive gas prices and high-quality gasoline.

Gasoline Services and Quality

Costco gas stations supply Top Tier™ performance standard fuel, ensuring that the gasoline you get maximizes engine performance and meets or surpasses EPA standards. Whether you’re filling up with regular or premium gasoline, or diesel in select locations, each pump is equipped with state-of-the-art filters to maintain fuel cleanliness.

Payment Methods at Gas Stations

At Costco gas stations, for payment, you may use your Visa cards, most PIN debit cards, Costco Shop Cards, and cash is not accepted. This specificity facilitates a swift payment process, allowing you to enjoy the cash back perks of your Visa card, or the value of your Costco Shop Card to offset your fuel expenses.

Gas Station Accessibility and Rules

You’ll find Costco gas stations typically operate on extended hours, which may not match the warehouse operating times, so check your local Costco location for exact timings. Gas stations are self-serve, with one-way traffic to ensure safety and efficiency, and extra-long hoses allow refueling from either side of your vehicle. Remember to uphold the regulations to not top off when fueling, as this is prohibited and can lead to spills.

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Maximizing Your Costco Experience

To fully benefit from your Costco membership, understanding the perks and ways to save is essential. Whether in-store or online at, you’ll find a wide range of exclusive deals and services tailored for you.

In-Store and Online Savings

Costco Wholesale is a treasure trove of savings on groceries, clothing, electronics, and more. By selecting Costco’s Kirkland Signature products, you can save while getting quality comparable to national brands. When shopping for furniture or office supplies, you’ll often find that the prices are less than at specialty stores.

Online, extends the convenience by offering a wide variety of merchandise, including grocery delivery and Costco Business Delivery options. This not only saves you money but also time. For larger purchases, Costco’s appliances often come with an extended warranty and member-exclusive shipping deals.

  • Travel and Vacations: With Costco Travel, plan your dream vacation and enjoy lower rates on flights, hotels, and vacation packages.
  • Costco Shop Card: Receive a Costco Shop Card for certain purchases or promotions, redeemable for both goods and gas.
  • Pharmacy and Insurance: Take care of your health with Costco’s pharmacy services and save on prescription drugs. You can also find competitive insurance options.

Anytime Visa Card by Citi and Costco Gold Star membership can get you up to an annual 2% reward on eligible purchases, including travel.

Exclusive Member Services

Exclusive Costco services offer additional ways to maximize your membership. The Costco Gold Star membership provides access to various services:

  • Auto Program: Enjoy savings on new or pre-owned vehicles.
  • Food Court: After shopping, grab a bite at the Costco Food Court for great value.
  • Water & Toilet Paper: Stock up on essentials with less stress about running out.

Furthermore, if you operate a business, the Costco Business Membership comes with tailored benefits like discounts on office furniture and supplies. If you’re in California or other select regions, take advantage of Costco’s gas stations for significant savings on fuel — yes, you can use your Gold Star Membership at the pump.

Moreover, the 2% Reward program applies to most Costco purchases, offering a valuable kickback at the end of the year. In the event of dissatisfaction, Costco’s refund policy is robust, allowing you to shop with confidence.

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