How Much is Costco Fuel Today UK: Current Prices Unveiled

In the UK, Costco is a popular destination not just for bulk purchases but also for filling up on fuel. Whether you’re heading there for petrol or diesel, Costco stations are known for offering competitive prices. It’s important to stay updated, as fuel prices can fluctuate due to various economic factors. Today, the price for Costco fuel is set according to the latest market trends and operational costs, ensuring that you’re offered a fair rate when you top up your tank.

To find the latest Costco fuel prices, one can usually check them online or directly at the station. As of the most recent data, petrol prices at Costco have been listed, providing a benchmark for the day’s costs. Diesel options are also available, typically mirroring the trend of petrol pricing but with a different pricing structure reflective of diesel’s market value. Always consider that these prices are subject to change and may vary by location. Keep this in mind when planning your refueling stops at Costco’s conveniently placed stations across the UK.

Overview of Costco Fuel in the UK

Costco operates a network of fuel stations across the UK, providing a convenient refueling option for its members. These petrol stations offer both petrol and diesel options, with the promise of high-quality fuel that can help maintain engine performance and efficiency.

When you visit a Costco fuel station, you can expect competitive pricing that is often lower than the average market rates. For up-to-date pricing information, it’s advisable to refer to resources that track Costco’s fuel prices, like or

Here is a brief breakdown of what you can expect:

  • Quality Fuel: Enhanced with additives that clean your engine and reduce emissions.
  • Member-Exclusive: Access to fuel stations is a benefit exclusively for Costco members.
  • Pricing: Competitive pricing with variations across different regions.

In terms of fuel options, the stations usually offer a range of choices including:

  • Regular Unleaded Petrol
  • Premium Unleaded Petrol
  • Premium Diesel

To take advantage of Costco’s fuel offers, ensure your membership is active. You can then enjoy the perks of refueling at one of their stations, which are designed to be easy and quick, reducing the time you spend at the pump.

Remember, the exact prices may fluctar and vary by location, so use resources to find the most accurate and current pricing for your nearest Costco fuel station.

Current Fuel Prices at Costco UK

Costco is known for offering competitive fuel prices. Check out the most up-to-date prices below to plan your next fill-up.

Price of Petrol

As of today, if you’re looking to fill up your petrol tank at Costco, the price is £136.0p per litre. This price reflects the latest figures and provides you with a gauge for what you might pay at the pump.

Price of Diesel

When it comes to diesel, the current rate at Costco fuel stations mirrors the petrol price at £136.0p per litre. Remember that prices can fluctuate, so it’s always a good idea to check before heading to the station for the most affordable fuel.

Membership and Fuel Access

To access Costco’s competitively priced fuel, you need to be a Costco member. Your membership not only grants you the ability to purchase fuel but also provides a range of benefits including saving on Costco fuel prices.

Becoming a Costco Member

To become a Costco member, you must sign up and pay an annual membership fee. By registering, you gain immediate access to all Costco warehouses and online deals. Membership options vary, but generally, there’s an individual option and options for business owners, with pricing being tiered based on the type of membership.

Benefits for Costco Members

As a Costco member, the primary benefit is the ability to purchase fuel at Costco’s fuel stations which often offer lower prices compared to other stations. Also, members enjoy reduced prices on a variety of products in-store and online.

  • Fuel Savings: Potential savings on every litre of fuel purchased
  • Variety: Access to both regular and premium fuel types

Online Only Annual Subscriber

An Online Only Annual Subscriber is a newer offering for those who prefer shopping online. While this subscription doesn’t grant you access to in-warehouse purchases or fuel, it does offer:

  • Online Savings: Exclusive deals on Costco’s online platform
  • Convenience: The ability to shop Costco items from the comfort of your home

Remember, to utilize Costco’s fuel stations, you must hold an active membership that offers in-warehouse shopping privileges. Online-only subscriptions are ideal for users seeking to take advantage of Costco online deals without committing to a full membership.

Comparative Fuel Prices

When you’re looking for the best fuel prices in the UK, comparing Costco’s offerings to other retailers can deliver valuable insights and potential savings.

Comparison with Other Supermarkets

Costco is often recognized for its competitive fuel pricing. As per recent data, Costco petrol prices are impressively low at £136.0p per litre on average, making it a top option for budget-conscious drivers. In contrast:

  • Tesco, sometimes the most expensive among supermarkets, averages at 132.7p per litre.
  • Sainsbury’s maintains better value with 131.5p per litre.
  • Both Morrisons and Asda typically follow closely, with prices around 132.5p and 132.4p per litre, respectively.

These figures reflect the daily fluctuations and are subject to change, but they illustrate Costco’s position as a leading affordable choice.

Comparison with Other Fuel Retailers

Beyond supermarkets, fuel costs at dedicated forecourts like those of BP can often be higher due to additional services and brand premium. It is noteworthy that even though supermarket forecourts, like those operated by Asda or Tesco, might offer promotions or loyalty points, Costco’s baseline prices are commonly lower, often making it the cheapest fuel option without the need for additional perks.

When comparing across the board, make sure to utilize tools like the PetrolPrices app to check the most recent price data, as fuel prices can vary due to a multitude of factors, including location and market dynamics.

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Costco Fuel Offers and Savings

When you’re looking to save on fuel costs, Costco provides some of the most competitive fuel prices in the UK. With an individual membership at Costco, you could see significant savings, especially if you frequently fill up your vehicle’s tank.

Costco’s fuel is known to help your vehicle run efficiently, which can essentially lead to saving money on maintenance and ensuring your engine stays cleaner for longer. Additionally, their fuel contains additives that work to reduce emissions, restoring your car’s performance and fuel economy.

Here are some aspects of Costco’s fuel offerings:

  • Savings per litre: By finding your nearest Costco fuel station, you can benefit from the savings they offer. For example, you might save 15-20p per litre compared to other stations.

  • Membership Benefits: While an individual membership costs, it may pay for itself after as few as three fill-ups when you consider the per litre savings.

  • Price Tracking: Costco petrol prices are reported to be consistently low, but for current rates, it’s best to check platforms that track fuel prices. It’s reported that the cheapest Costco Petrol Price today is around £136.0p per litre.

  • Exclusive Deals for Members: Beyond petrol, your Costco membership grants you access to a host of other member-only savings on a variety of products and services throughout their stores.

By taking advantage of these offerings, you can manage your fuel budget more effectively, making your Costco membership a wise investment for both your vehicle and wallet.

Location Specific Pricing

As you look for the most recent Costco fuel prices in the UK, keep in mind that prices can vary by location. The price differences reflect a variety of local factors such as competition, operating costs, and regional fuel taxes.

Costco Watford Fuel Prices

At the Costco in Watford, located on Hartspring Lane, Hertfordshire, you might find different pricing than other parts of the country. For example, on the given page, unleaded petrol is noted at 159.7p per litre, whereas premium petrol is priced at 165.9p.

Prices Across Different Regions

When you compare prices in different regions, like Birmingham, Manchester, or Coventry, the variation is noticeable. Fuel prices fluctuate due to local demand and supply conditions. Here’s a simplified breakdown:

  • Birmingham:

    • Regular Unleaded: 140p per litre
    • Premium Unleaded: 147p per litre
  • Manchester:

    • Regular Unleaded: 142p per litre
    • Premium Diesel: 149p per litre
  • Coventry:

    • Regular Unleaded: 141p per litre
    • Premium Unleaded: 148p per litre

*Note that these are representative prices and should be checked for current figures.

Factors Influencing Fuel Prices

When you’re assessing the price of fuel at Costco in the UK, it’s important to consider several factors that can directly influence the cost. These components often fluctuate, affecting the prices you see at the pump.

Supply and Demand:
The classic economic influences of supply and demand play a vital role. If global oil production decreases or if there is political instability in oil-producing regions, supply can falter. This often leads to a rise in prices.

Oil Prices:
The price of crude oil on the international market is the single most significant factor affecting fuel prices. As oil prices increase, the cost to produce fuel also goes up.

The UK government levies two main taxes on fuel – fuel duty and VAT (Value Added Tax). Together, these taxes can account for a substantial portion of the retail price you pay for fuel.

Emissions Standards:
Regulations aimed at reducing emissions require cleaner, more sophisticated fuels. Complying with these standards can lead to increased costs in fuel production, subsequently raising retail prices.

Distribution and Marketing:
The costs associated with transporting and marketing fuel also impact the final price. These may vary depending on location and market competition.

Refinement Costs:
The process of refining crude oil into usable fuel incurs costs, which can vary depending on the complexity of the oil and the specifications of the fuel being produced.

As you keep an eye on fuel prices, remember that these factors are interconnected and subject to change, which can lead to varying prices at Costco and other retailers throughout the UK.

Costco Fuel Quality and Types

When you visit a Costco fuel station in the UK, you’ll find high-quality unleaded petrol and premium diesel options designed to meet your vehicle’s needs. Costco’s fuel is formulated to not only power your car efficiently but also to help maintain engine cleanliness and performance.

Unleaded Petrol

Unleaded Petrol at Costco is known for being a cost-effective choice for your routine needs. Here are a few specifics about their unleaded petrol:

  • Octane Rating: Regularly meets or exceeds UK standards.
  • Performance: Aids in keeping your engine clean, which can enhance performance and fuel economy.

Premium Diesel

Premium Diesel at Costco is tailored for drivers looking for an advanced fuel option:

  • Additives: Contains powerful deposit control additives intended to help your engine run smoothly.
  • Benefits: Aims at reducing harmful emissions and pre-existing deposit buildups, potentially restoring fuel economy.

For more detailed pricing and to find the nearest Costco fuel station, consider using the “PetrolPrices” app. To stay updated on daily changes in fuel prices, you can also visit “”.

Policies and Legal Notices

As you navigate the Costco UK fuel pricing information, it’s important to be aware of the relevant policies and legal notices that govern your use of their services. These include the Privacy Policy, the Cookie Policy, and the details for contacting the Ethics Hotline.

Privacy Policy

Costco’s Privacy Policy outlines how your personal information is collected, used, and protected when you interact with their fuel services. You can find details here which include information on data handling and the gender pay gap report as part of Costco’s commitment to transparency.

Cookie Policy

Their Cookie Policy details the use of cookies on the Costco website. Through the cookie settings, you can manage how cookies interact with your browsing experience, ensuring your preferences are honored and your data remains secure.

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Ethics Hotline Contact Information

For any concerns or inquiries regarding ethics, you’re encouraged to contact the Ethics Hotline. This confidential channel is designed to help you report any potential ethical issues or breaches. Details and contact options are available on Costco’s Ethics Hotline page.

Remember to also utilize the sitemap to easily navigate through the policies and find specific sections of interest.

Costco UK Contact Information

If you require assistance regarding Costco fuel in the UK, you have several contact options at your disposal. Your inquiries can be directed to Costco Online UK Limited, which handles their online presence.

Registered Office Address:
Costco Online UK Limited
UK Home Office
Hartspring Lane
WD25 8JS

In case you need to make a formal inquiry or need to send any documentation by post, this is the address you will use.

VAT Registration Number:
Valid for both England and Wales:
GB 650 1862 52

It’s important to cite the VAT Registration Number for financial and tax-related inquiries.

Company Status:
Registered in England and Wales

For legal matters or when inquiring about the company’s registration details, remember that Costco Online UK Limited is officially registered in England and Wales.

Should you prefer online engagement or wish to keep up with updates regarding fuel prices and offers, Costco UK is accessible on Facebook. It’s a convenient way to get timely updates and engage directly with the Costco community.

For customer care or immediate help, visit the Customer Care: Contact Us section of Costco’s UK website. Here, you can find information on Delivery & Tracking, Membership & Subscription, Payments & Refunds, as well as Product and Website Information.

Remember, these contact details are provided to facilitate your communication with Costco UK and to ensure that your queries are resolved efficiently and effectively.

Pump Operation and Customer Guidance

Understanding pump operation and customer guidance at Costco fuel stations ensures you receive quality service and value for money. It’s essential that you’re familiar with using the pumps and know how to access support for any fuel queries.

How to Use Costco Pumps

To use the Costco pumps, follow the clear instructions displayed on the pump screen. Firstly, insert your Costco membership card to activate the pump, followed by a payment card to authorize payment for fuel. Next, select your desired fuel type—Costco provides options such as diesel, unleaded petrol, sometimes including premium grades. Ensure to check the pump price which is prominently displayed and usually offers competitive rates. Lift the nozzle, choose the correct fuel for your vehicle, and begin fuelling. Once completed, the screen provides a receipt option for your records.

Customer Service for Fuel Queries

If you encounter issues or have questions regarding the fuel services, Costco’s customer service is ready to assist. As a registered user, you have the advantage of direct support from Costco. For immediate assistance, press the assistance button located on the pump to speak with an onsite attendant. For more complex queries about pump prices or feedback regarding your experience, Costco encourages customers to contact the membership counter inside the warehouse or utilize their dedicated customer service contact numbers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of Costco fuel today in the UK?
The price of fuel at Costco varies by location and changes frequently. As of the last update, the average price for unleaded petrol was 159.7p per litre, while premium petrol was at 165.9p per litre and premium diesel at 171.9p per litre.

Are fuel prices inclusive of VAT at Costco?
Yes, the prices at the pump include VAT. The VAT is already calculated into the per litre price that you pay for fuel.

How often do Costco fuel prices change?
Costco adjusts their fuel prices in accordance with market trends and their own internal pricing strategies. Prices can potentially change daily. For the most current price, it’s recommended you check the local updates or visit your nearest Costco fuel station.

Can all customers use Costco fuel pumps?
Costco fuel stations are typically reserved for Costco members only. Membership needs to be active and valid to use the pumps.

Where can I find the nearest Costco fuel station?
To locate your closest Costco fuel station, you can use their website or look for updates on sites that track petrol prices, such as PetrolPrices.

What types of fuel does Costco offer?
Costco offers a range of fuel types, including unleaded petrol, premium petrol, and premium diesel. Availability of each type may vary by location.


When considering filling up your tank in the UK, it’s evident that Costco’s fuel prices offer a compelling option. On record, the lowest Costco petrol price has been noted at 136.0 pence per litre, reflecting a commitment to competitive pricing. It’s crucial to remember that these figures are subject to daily updates based on government and customer reporting.

To reap the benefits of Costco’s fuel savings, a Costco membership is required. This membership not only grants access to their fuel stations but also to a range of products at warehouse prices. The upfront cost of the membership can quickly be offset by the savings on fuel, especially if your driving habits mean frequent visits to the pump.

Costco’s fuel quality is consistent with industry standards, ensuring that your vehicle is powered efficiently. With their membership model, Costco effectively passes on the savings to members who are loyal to their services, including their fuel stations.

Quick Tips:

  • Check fuel prices online before visiting.
  • Remember that Costco fuel stations are for members only.
  • Factor in the potential savings from Costco’s fuel when considering the membership fee.

By making an informed decision, you can capitalize on the combination of Costco’s competitive fuel pricing and membership benefits to manage your fuel expenditures more effectively.

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