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Updated (EST): 18 May 2024, 02:41 pm

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Explore competitive gas prices at the Costco Gas Price location on 1201 Cross Pointe Pl in Evansville, Indiana. Learn about operational hours and stay updated with gas prices today in Evansville, IN, for a smooth driving experience in this city known for its cultural attractions and scenic beauty.

Customer Reviews:
Positive Feedback:
Customers visiting Costco Gas Station in Evansville, Indiana, consistently praise the station’s commitment to offering the best fuel prices in the area. Many highlight the affordability of Costco’s gas compared to competitors, with prices often being the most cost-effective option for fueling up in the region.

Another aspect appreciated by customers is the ease of access to the fuel pumps and the generally well-maintained facilities. Visitors find it convenient to fuel up at Costco due to the station’s strategic location and efficient layout.

Negative Feedback:
While the majority of reviews are positive, some customers have raised concerns about occasional congestion and wait times during peak hours. It’s important for visitors to be aware that during busy periods, there may be delays in accessing the pumps. Planning visits during off-peak hours can help mitigate this issue.

Additionally, there have been reports of issues with card readers at the pumps, as mentioned by one customer who encountered a problem with their Costco credit card. Visitors should exercise caution when using cards for payment and consider alternative payment methods if necessary.

When it comes to finding the best deals on fuel in Evansville, Indiana, Costco Gas Station stands out as a top choice according to customer feedback. Offering consistently competitive prices and convenient access to fuel pumps, Costco earns praise for its commitment to affordability without compromising on service quality. Many visitors appreciate the station’s dedication to keeping prices low, making it a preferred destination for fuel purchases in the area.

In conclusion, for those seeking budget-friendly fuel options in Evansville, Indiana, Costco Gas Station offers a compelling choice with its combination of competitive pricing and quality service. Despite potential wait times during busy periods and occasional equipment concerns, Costco remains a preferred destination for savvy consumers looking to save on their fuel expenses. To make the most of your visit, consider planning your trip during off-peak hours to minimize wait times and be cautious when using card payments at the pumps.

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Gas Station Working Hours


6:00am – 9:00pm


6:00am – 9:00pm


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7:00am – 7:00pm

Contact Details


1201 Cross Pointe Pl, Evansville, IN 47715


42.59251, -114.465

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